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The Chi Phi Educational Trust is dedicated to improving the greater society through its support of the educational endeavors of the Chi Phi Fraternity and its members.
Targeting Specific Needs

The Chi Phi Educational Trust is a growing organization with a number of ongoing programs, each distinctively designed to meet specific needs of Chi Phi’s membership.

  • Chapter Excellence Funds - Working toward the future, the Trust is broadening its efforts to promote this, its newest program, through work with local alumni organizations to establish restricted funds benefiting members of specific chapters and colonies within the Chi Phi Fraternity.

  • Restricted Endowment Funds - In addition to the programs and services supported by annual contributions and the Trust’s unrestricted endowment fund, the Trust also has a number of restricted endowment funds that were established by Chi Phi alumni and friends to achieve specific objectives;

  • Trust Annual Fund - The Trust Annual Fund serves as the financial backbone of the Trust’s operations and, along with income from the Trust’s endowment, provides the resources necessary to support its major programs and services.

  • College of Excellence General Fund - The Trust helps make the College of Excellence available to Chi Phi undergraduates and alumni each year through its COE General Fund. This fund provides the Trust with the resources to underwrite its grant supporting the overall educational costs of COE.

  • Trust Unrestricted Endowment Fund - This unrestricted fund provides the Trust the greatest flexibility to meet the ever-changing educational needs of the members of Chi Phi.

Ways to Support the Trust

Types of Assets - The Trust accepts gifts of cash, appreciated securities (public and closely held), real property, insurance, retirement accounts, and other assets. These gifts can be made outright, pledged over time, or through planned giving instruments.

Matching Gifts - Did you know you could easily double or even triple your gift to the Trust? Many companies offer to match the charitable gifts of their employees. To find out if your employer has a matching gift program, check with your human resources department or click here to a review list of matching gift companies.

Make a Contribution! - Simply click here to download a contribution card and mail your gift in today!

For more information on how to make your gift, please contact Michael J. Azarian, Psi Delta 1997, National Director.

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