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The Chi Phi Educational Trust is dedicated to improving the greater society through its support of the educational endeavors of the Chi Phi Fraternity and its members.
Enriching the Educational Experience

Through the leadership of then-Grand Alpha Alfred H. Hutchinson, Xi 1909, the 1930 Chi Phi Congress created the Chi Phi Educational Trust for the purpose of assisting deserving students and promoting scholarship and leadership. Since then, it has become a vital part of the success of Chi Phi.

Over the years, the Chi Phi Educational Trust has benefited from the financial support of alumni via a number of gift options. These include direct gifts of cash; pledges contributed over a period of time; gifts of appreciated securities, real property, or other personal property; bequests in wills; various forms of trust funds; and life insurance policies.

In today’s complex society, the Chi Phi Educational Trust is focused upon “making a difference” through sponsorship of Fraternity-managed programs to equip Brothers with skills for personal and professional development.

The Chi Phi Educational Trust awarded over $150,000 this past year in educational and administrative grants for the benefit of the members of the Chi Phi Fraternity.
  • College of Excellence (COE) - The single largest Fraternity program supported by the Trust, a grant of $65,800 enabled undergraduate and alumni members from across the country to convene this year for intensive leadership training that teaches them important skills to improve their individual chapters, while also helping them prepare to succeed in life after college;

  • Chi Phi Scholarship Program - The Trust provides $25,000 in merit-based scholarships each year through a grant to the Fraternity. Chi Phi members demonstrating strong academic performance, leadership, service, and future aspirations are eligible to receive Chi Phi’s prestigious scholarship award;

  • Sparks Memorial Medal - At the conclusion of the academic year, the Trust awards the Sparks Memorial Medal to the man in each chapter who has attained the highest scholastic standing for that year;

  • Regional Programs - The Trust provides a significant grant to fund the educational portion of the Fraternity’s regional leadership conferences held across the country. Brothers travel to a nearby chapter for a three-day educational experience tailored to the specific needs of the region;

  • Educational Initiatives and Outreach - The Trust provides an annual grant to cover the educational portion of the Fraternity’s chapter visits and helps support the creation and distribution of educational materials, such as the New Member Manual.
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