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The Chi Phi Fraternity is a values-based organization founded on the basis of Truth, Honor & Personal Integrity. These are timeless values which guide the fundamental purposes of the Fraternity.
Fifty-nine Chi Phi Chapters and Colonies exist at various colleges, universities, and institutions of higher learning throughout the United States. From Massachusetts to California and Oregon to Florida, the undergraduate and alumni members of our Fraternity promote Chi Phi's continued success and growth by demonstrating a high level of campus and community involvement, athletic success, academic excellence, and meaningful friendships. Over 37,000 men living around the globe proudly wear our badge and demonstrate the values that our founders instilled so deeply into our culture.

If you're a values-based leader, gentleman, and scholar who believes in the importance of principles like Truth, Honor, and Integrity - then we want you to join the Chi Phi Chapter on your Campus.

Men that join Chi Phi Chapters have an awesome array of possibilities ahead of them. Those men not only have the incomparable experience of lifelong brotherhood, but they hold membership in one of the most distinguished and venerable organizations in the country. Since 1824, Chi Phi members have been invited to contribute to the greater effort of Brotherhood and receive even more opportunities in return. Those men become better leaders through experience, better athletes through competition, better citizens through service, and better students through the assistance of their peers. The benefits of membership in a Chi Phi Chapter are clear.

Chi Phi, strong from north to south and from east to west proudly maintains its status as the world's oldest men's college Fraternity. Founded at Princeton University in 1824, the University of North Carolina in 1858, and Hobart College in 1860, Chi Phi today is the result of the union of our three founding Chapters. Headquartered in Atlanta, Chi Phi's size allows it to develop strong regional and national bonds between members and Chapters. Through its annual Congress, Chi Phi allows Brothers to actively play a part in the direction of the national organization. One of the only fraternal groups to give supreme authority to its collective undergraduate chapters, Chi Phi also instills true responsibility and authority in every member.

Hazing of any type is not tolerated within Chi Phi and all forms of substance abuse are vehemently prohibited. The highest degree of respect is afforded to all of those associated with Chi Phi. Chi Phi's proactive nature and aggressive stances against degradation of any kind provides our members with greater opportunities for personal growth and development.

The Chi Phi Educational Trust, founded in 1930, provides over $25,000.00 in individual scholarships and over $100,000.00 in grants subsidizing educational programs for the Fraternity each year. Recognized as a charitable educational foundation, the Chi Phi Educational Trust receives contributions each year from Chi Phi undergraduate and alumni members, parents, friends, and even other organizations to further the educational programs, scholarships and leadership opportunities of our members.

While each member will bring something different to the group, there are certain expectations that all members must meet. As a member of a Chi Phi Chapter or Colony, you would be expected to contribute your time, your energy, and your actions to the overall cause of the organization. All members of our organization wear the same badge, and thus all members must contribute to the stability of the group. As a member of Chi Phi, you would be expected to attend weekly Chapter meetings, take up a position of responsibility as either an officer, committee chairman or member, participate in at least one campus activity, and keep your GPA at or above the all men's average.

No different from any club, organization, or association, being a Chi Phi costs money. You don't have to be rich to be Greek, but you do have to be a contributing member. Men who pledge themselves to our Fraternity pay $69.00 to the National Fraternity. Those men who go on to initiate into our Brotherhood also pay $199.00. In subsequent terms, every undergraduate member is also responsible for $75.00 in annual dues to the National Fraternity and must also pay the annual insurance assessment. Alumni members are asked to continue their contribution to the Fraternity through membership in the National Alumni Association with annual contributions of $50.00 or more.

Being a Chi Phi is also about being a gentleman. A truly chivalrous Fraternity, Chi Phi's southern heritage instills an element of etiquette, demeanor, and proper social graces into our culture. Chi Phi has espoused those characteristics for almost two centuries and even today promotes such actions through their New Member educational programs, regular social activities with campus sororities, and even philanthropic work with the charities and within the community. Most importantly, however, one can see the chivalric nature of our Fraternity in the day-to-day actions of our members.

Interested in joining the Chi Phi Chapter or Colony on your Campus? Contact the Chi Phi national office by telephone at 404.231.1824 or by email at and we'll put you in contact with the Chapter on your campus!

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