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The Chi Phi Fraternity is a values-based organization founded on the basis of Truth, Honor & Personal Integrity. These are timeless values which guide the fundamental purposes of the Fraternity.
Chi Phi continuously seeks opportunities to expand our brotherhood at premier institutions across the nation. The relationship we establish with host universities, interest groups, colonies, and ultimately our chapters is a long term, cooperative partnership. Indeed, one of the characteristics which sets us apart from other national fraternities is our direct involvement and support of our local chapters. The size of our Fraternity, along with carefully planned growth, allows us to closely service our chapters and colonies with unmatched personal contact.

In addition to local alumni and chapter support, the national staff provides a wide range of support services for each colony. We provide a minimum of two visitations by staff members during the academic year, with additional visits as necessary. Regular contact is maintained with the colony by assigning a single staff member to oversee the colony's development from founding until two years after chartering. Finally, Chi Phi passionately believes in the mentoring relationship between undergraduates and alumni to add stability to the colony and to further the continuous personal development of our members.

Once established, a colony is allowed a period of two years in order to achieve the requirements of chartering. If unusual circumstances exist, the colony may petition for an additional year to eliminate any deficiencies, yet may not exist for more than three years as a colony. Our program of support and services has proven most effective in successfully developing colonies toward chartering within two years.

National programming initiatives focus on the development of individual members as lifelong members of the Fraternity and contributors to society. Available resources address the challenges of recruitment, membership development, chapter operations, financial management, risk reduction, leadership training, community service, and scholastic excellence.

In addition to providing local resources to individual chapters and colonies, the fraternity sponsors six regional leadership conferences each spring hosted by chapters and colonies throughout the country. Furthermore, the Chi Phi College of Excellence offers an intensive training program for over 250 undergraduate and alumni members each year. Finally, our undergraduates exercise supreme control over the fraternity through our annual Chi Phi Congress, the legislative convention of our organization.

Since 1948, we have prohibited any restrictions to membership recruitment with regard to race, creed and religion. Chi Phi strives for a diverse organizational structure, emphasizing individual growth and development, scholarship and personal responsibilities. We also strictly forbid any hazing or other inappropriate activities as a condition of membership.

The true definition of a fraternity is the leadership and strength that is taught to each member based on common experiences. One of our fundamental philosophies involves providing the Chi Phi experience to as many undergraduates as possible at well-respected colleges and universities across the nation. We have the opportunity to provide lifelong friendships, leadership development, individual growth, and community service to the campus and community.

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