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The Chi Phi Fraternity is a values-based organization founded on the basis of Truth, Honor & Personal Integrity. These are timeless values which guide the fundamental purposes of the Fraternity.

Chi Phi Fraternity
Personal Safety Policy

WHEREAS, the Chi Phi Fraternity is the oldest college social fraternity in America, with a rich heritage of promoting friendship; and
WHEREAS, hazing, alcohol/drug abuse, sexual harassment, property management, and potentially illegal practices have no place in an organization with the ideals of Chi Phi; and
WHEREAS, the Chi Phi Fraternity has chapters located on campuses across the United States which are regulated and controlled by institutions of higher education on those campuses; and
WHEREAS, the Chi Phi Fraternity acknowledges the ability of host educational institutions to enforce their own regulations, and similarly
recognizes the ability of state or local law enforcement agencies to affect the day-to-day activities of a fraternity chapter and its members; and
WHEREAS, the Chi Phi Fraternity has the power under its constitution and by-laws to grant initial membership or permit continued membership, to recognize the holding of offices within the fraternity, and to charter and otherwise recognize chapters, individual members, and alumni associations or organizations;
NOW, THEREFORE, in the exercise of the grant of power under its constitution and by-laws the Chi Phi Fraternity hereby adopts this policy on personal safety.

    1. A) The possession, use, and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises of any chapter during an official fraternity event, or in any situation sponsored or endorsed by Chi Phi, shall be in compliance with any and all applicable laws and university/college regulations.
    2. Open parties where alcohol is present shall be prohibited. Open parties are those with unrestricted access, or without specific invitation.
    3. No Chapter members collectively or individually, shall purchase for, serve to, or sell alcoholic beverages to any person under the legal drinking age.
    4. The unlawful sale of alcohol by any chapter is prohibited. This is to include any action that can be remotely construed as alcohol sales, such as: charging admission to parties, selling empty cuts, selling drink tickets, or by taking a collection (passing the hat).
    5. The promotion of alcohol in advertisements concerning the Fraternity is prohibited.
    6. No chapter shall serve, or permit the use, possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages at formal/organized chapter rush functions, unless approved by and/or allowed by the host institution.
    7. No person shall be forced, for any reason, to consume alcohol, nor to participate in any activity which encourages the rapid consumption of alcohol.
    8. At any chapter function where alcohol is present, non-alcoholic beverages and food shall be openly available.
    9. At any chapter function where alcohol is present, the chapter shall designate, in advance, specific members to serve as monitors of the event. These members shall not consume alcohol before or during the event. They shall supervise the event to ensure personal and property safety. This is to include monitoring access to the event, assisting those that have consumed alcohol, monitoring noise, and closing the event as pre-planned.
    10. Possession, sale and/or use of any illegal drugs/controlled substances on any Chi Phi property or at any chapter events is prohibited.

  2. HAZING (Chi Phi Laws ­ Chapter II, Section 5; or as updated)
    1. No member of the Chapter shall permit a program during the pledgeship, initiation, or membership of a person which tends to harm physically or spiritually or morally degrade either the new member, the member, the chapter or the Fraternity.
    2. All forms of hazing are prohibited.
    3. Hazing is defined as: “Any such activity of the Fraternity or its individual members which causes or is likely to cause mental or physical danger or harm.”
    4. Any activity which can be termed unsanitary, dangerous, or degrading or potentially so, is unacceptable.

    All members and new members shall conduct themselves in compliance with all laws and school regulations. Any behavior that does not recognize the dignity and respect due to all human beings, male and female, and the respect due all interactions practiced between human beings is prohibited.

    Chapter premises/property shall be maintained and operated in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Periodic inspections shall be obtained as required by local authorities, with copies of reports forwarded to the national office and appropriate alumni entity. All violations noted by inspection shall be promptly corrected, working through the landlord or owning entity. Each chapter is expected to develop and maintain a fire evacuation plan with periodic practice evacuations. The Epsilon of each chapter shall maintain the reasonable health and safety of the property and members, and, as necessary, appoint a Health/Safety Committee.

    Education of initiates and pledges on the above policies is the be conducted for the entire chapter at the beginning of the 1987- 88 school year, and each academic year thereafter. Each new member is to be educated in these areas. (Your school administration usually has programs in these areas. If not, contact the national office.) The chapter shall maintain ongoing education for the members/new members of this Personal Safety Policy.

    In accordance with constitutional procedures under the executive and judicial powers of the Fraternity, a violation of this policy shall result in sanctions. The range of sanctions include:
    1. Individuals: Reprimand, probation, suspension, or revocation of membership, or removal of office within the Fraternity.
    2. B) Chapters or Alumni Organizations: Reprimand, probation, suspension, or revocation of recognition or charter.

Unanimously adopted by the Congress of the Chi Phi Fraternity.

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