Chi Phi
The Chi Phi Educational Trust is dedicated to improving the greater society through its support of the educational endeavors of the Chi Phi Fraternity and its members.
Board of Trustees

A Board of Trustees serving staggered five-year terms directs the Trust. The Trustees are elected by the Board of Governors, whose members are elected, in turn, by the Chi Phi Congress. The Trustees are charged with the responsibility of managing the assets of the Trust and the oversight of their use to support approved educational and charitable programs. The Trustees meet quarterly to review progress being made by the staff and to plan for the future. Currently, the following seven Trustees serve on the board:

Dr. James P. Soderquist
Alpha 1967
Term 1998-2003

Vice Chairman
Daniel H. Dozer
Iota 1965
Term 1998-2003

Andrew W. Schultz
Alpha Delta 1960
Term 1999-2004

Steven L. Schneiderwind
Alpha Theta Chi 1973
Term 1999-2004

William M. Byrd
Nu 1953
Term 2002-2007

Dr. James K. Baum
Tau 1963
Term 2000-2005

Lawrence E. Green
Sigma Delta 1972
Term 2001-2006

Ex-Officio Trustee
Legal Counsel
George M. MacDonald
Kappa Delta 1971, Iota Zeta 1989
Term 2001-2003

Chi Phi Crest
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