Chi Phi
The Chi Phi Fraternity is a values-based organization founded on the basis of Truth, Honor & Personal Integrity. These are timeless values which guide the fundamental purposes of the Fraternity.
Chi Phi Fraternity -- National Staff

Chi Phi Fraternity
National Staff

Michael Azarian, Psi Delta 1997
Executive Director
Chief Operating Officer, Oversees staff operation, member of Grand Council, Editor of Chakett, Alumni Development

Brian Tenclinger, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
Director of Undergraduate Services
Chapter & Colony visits and consultations, Chapter & Colony Discipline, Educational Programming, Regional Leadership Alliances, Alphas Academy, College of Excellence, Expansions & Interest Groups, Wilderness Academy

Richard Kuerston, Mu Zeta 2002
Director of Membership Services
Member resources, event logistics, New Member Resource Book, Chapter Resource Development, Chapter Visits and Consultations, Ritual Development, Goliard Program, Men of 1824

Kim Godwin, Delta Zeta Sorority
Director of Communications
Undergraduate and Alumni Communications, Managing Editor of Chakett and True Blue, Editor of Grapevine, Website updates, Chapter Visits and consultations

Vincent Verteramo, Zeta Theta 2005
Field Executive
Chapter and Colony visits and consultations, Expansion and recruitment for new Colonies, Educational Programs

Patty Fisher
Administrative Assistant
Requests for general information, New Member Education Manuals and Pins, Manuals, Forms and Publications, General Questions, Membership Records, Badges, Chapter & Colony Reporting, Mailing Lists, Address Changes

Ted Wilson
Financial Assistant
Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, Chapter & Colony Accounts, Scholarship & Loans, Billing Statements, Payment Plans, and Debt Collections

Owen Whitehurst, Gamma 2006
Member Services Intern
Chapter Mailings & Communications, Roster & Membership Questions, Awards Program

Chi Phi Crest
corinthian column