Chi Phi
The Chi Phi Fraternity is a values-based organization founded on the basis of Truth, Honor & Personal Integrity. These are timeless values which guide the fundamental purposes of the Fraternity.
Regional Alumni Counselors

Pablo Polichronakis, Theta 2002
Northeastern Regional Alumni Counselor
Chapters: Beta, Zeta, Theta, Mu, Xi, Upsilon, Psi, Alpha-Sigma, Alpha Delta, Kappa Delta, Phi Lambda Theta, Pi Zeta, Tau Zeta, Gamma Theta, Zeta Theta, UMD Colony    516-315-1684
Joshua L. Price, Epsilon Delta 1998
Mid-Atlantic Regional Alumni Counselor
Chapters: Alpha, Epsilon, Alpha-Alpha, Delta Xi, Psi Delta, Gamma Zeta, Beta Theta, Delta Theta Epsilon Theta, Eta Theta, Pi Delta Colony, Delta Phi Sigma Colony, and Shepherd Colony.    919-272-2433
Louis A. Hawkins, Mu Delta 1988
Southern Regional Alumni Counselor
Chapters: Gamma, Eta, Tau, Omega, Theta Delta, Mu Delta, Nu Delta, Xi Delta, Rho Delta, Alpha Zeta, Delta Zeta, Omega Zeta, Delta Pi, Theta Theta, and St. Leo.   334-663-1005
Patrick Hughes,Kappa Zeta 1995
Mid-Western Regional Alumni Counselor
Chapters: Iota, Kappa, Pi, Alpha-Tau, Alpha-Chi, Iota Delta, and Kappa Zeta.   765-730-1353
Steven W. Hopkins, Nu 1999
Central Regional Alumni Counselor
Chapters: Nu, Theta Zeta Alpha Theta Chi, Lambda Zeta, Psi Zeta, Alpha Theta, Iota Theta, and UIW Colony.   512-589-5800
Jeremy J. Donati, Sigma Delta 2002
Western Regional Alumni Counselor
Chapters: LLambda, Epsilon Delta, Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta, Epsilon Zeta, and Mu Zeta.   707-508-5180

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