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The Chi Phi Fraternity is a values-based organization founded on the basis of Truth, Honor & Personal Integrity. These are timeless values which guide the fundamental purposes of the Fraternity.
Chapter Notes
July 1, 2002 – December 31, 2002

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Alpha Chapter
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

The Alpha Chapter welcomed four new members as part of informal rush in the fall of 2002: Stuart Dowling, Ed Golay, Chris Hope, and Brian Shai. Our formal rush will take place this spring. We hosted our annual Chi Phi parents' weekend on October 18 and 19 at our Chapter House. The events included dinner on Friday, a semi-formal function, a catered brunch preceding the UVA-UNC football showdown, and an auction to help raise money for the house. Proceeds from the auction went directly to the Chi Phi Educational Trust and the Alpha Home Association's building renovation fund.

Also notable was the Alpha Chapter's GPA, which was the highest of all thirty-three social fraternities. Planning has begun for the 6th annual "Hoodang," a benefit concert held in April at our Chapter House. Proceeds from this concert go directly to the American Cancer Society. The past few Hoodangs have featured headline bands such as Fighting Gravity and Jimmie's Chicken Shack.

Daniel Hinchman, Alpha 2004
Chapter Zeta
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Beta Chapter
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Boston, MA

With the new policies at MIT affecting all incoming freshmen, including delayed rush and mandatory dorm living, the fall term of 2002 began unlike any in the past, and there was a nervous air about how it would turn out. However, with praise for our dedicated rush chairs Kevin Nazimi, Beta 2003, and Kailash Hiremath, Beta 2003, the Beta Chapter completed rush with fourteen freshmen in the class of 2006, right on target for our projected house population of 38-42 active Brothers. On a side note, the healthy size of our pledge class contrasts with several houses, which netted zero new members, as pledging as a whole was down to 280 across the IFC from the usual 350.

We had our first party of the term on October 25, followed by the "Big Little Pub" a week later. While the house seems a little different without the freshmen residing full time, not much else has changed. The freshmen have all been assigned rooms where they can crash, and the Beta Foundation built them a lounge in the Old Chapter Room with computers and desks. There is still a freshmen workweek in January, and initiation will still take place the Saturday before the spring term begins.

The John F. Andrews mansion was the site of the semi-annual faculty dinner on November 12, and the annual Neighborhood Dinner on November 24. All of the actives woke up early on November 2, and planted thousands of flower bulbs in Boston Commons as our community service project for the term. In a term that saw much change for the Greek community at MIT, the Beta Chapter adapted and thrived as usual.

David Smith, Beta 2004
Chapter Alpha

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Gamma Chapter
Emory University
Atlanta, GA

The Gamma Chapter began the semester with its most successful upperclassmen rush to date, ushering in a pledge class of eight out of a total of 48 upperclassmen who rushed on campus. Along with our strongest social calendar to date, Chi Phi has participated in philanthropic events, such as walks for Crohn's Disease and AIDS. These events allowed Brothers to work with the community, promoting our school and our fraternity as we helped raise money for medical research. Our major philanthropic event, the Atlanta Food Bank Drive, culminated on November 25 with a large progressive dinner co-hosted by Chi Phi. Our alumni weekend this semester also had high attendance. As always, alumni are encouraged to stop by the house and meet the Brotherhood at any time.

The Gamma Chapter has continued to strengthen its ties with the Clemson Colony, our adopted Brotherhood, as we hosted them for the initiation of their new Brothers on the weekend of November 15. The time offered the chance for Brothers from both houses to form lasting bonds that will further promote our two Chapters' relations in the future.

Louis Graff, Gamma 2005
Chapter Alpha

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Epsilon Chapter
Hampden-Sydney College
Hampden-Sydney, VA

Coming off of an outstanding academic year in which we earned the second highest GPA among fraternities with a 3.015, the Brothers of the Epsilon Chapter are working hard to obtain the best GPA among fraternities. After renovations to the house last summer, we have purchased new furniture and our house is looking great. We recently initiated eight solid guys who are showing great promise for the Epsilon Chapter. At the beginning of the academic year, we started a "bowling night" in which we invite sororities to join us for a fun activity. So far, this activity has proven to be a great opportunity for the Epsilon Chapter to expand our friendships and meet prospective new members. We would also like to thank all of the alumni, who have extended a helping hand to our house. They have had a major role in our Chapter's recent success and we thank them dearly for their continued support.

Nick Wallace, Epsilon 2004
Chapter Alpha

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Zeta Chapter
Franklin and Marshall College
Lancaster, PA

In its 148th year, the Zeta Chapter has been a beehive of activity. Nine new members were initiated in the spring of 2002 and five in the fall. Our Chapter House, Dubbsheim, is undergoing several phases of extensive physical improvements to restore it to its past splendor. Due to the generous support of the alumni, we were able to reopen the famed third floor for the first time this past August, allowing more Brothers to live in the Chapter House.

In sports during the 2001-02 academic year, twenty-five out of forty-eight Brothers were past or present varsity lacrosse members; three represented the varsity squash team; one represented the varsity baseball team; and three represented the ice hockey team. Zeta Brothers serve as captains on both varsity squash and lacrosse.

Zeta is also an all-star Chapter on the playing field. The Brotherhood just successfully conducted its annual Thanksgiving canned food drive to benefit the Water Street Homeless Shelter in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Brothers were involved in the United States Marine Corps' "Toys for Tots" program and plans are underway for a major charity event this spring to benefit children born with heart disease.

Mike Fishman, Zeta 2005
Chapter Gamma

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Eta Chapter
University of Georgia
Athens, GA

The Eta Chapter had a very productive fall semester. All of the hard work by the new Mothers Club culminated in a fun-filled Parents Weekend on October 11 and 12. Brothers and parents enjoyed a catered dinner, dancing to oldies on the front lawn, and a silent auction featuring jewelry and lavish vacations. The weekend was a great opportunity for parents to get involved in their son's fraternity life. Thanks to generous donations by Chi Phi parents and alumni, new furniture pieces have improved the overall appearance of the house along with repairs and other improvements.

The Eta Chapter is very excited about the Georgia Bulldogs. The success of the university's football team has added a lot of excitement to the pre-game parties at the house. Eta Brothers held an oyster roast in the front yard before the Ole Miss game and the Mothers Club served a mouthwatering buffet prior to the Georgia Tech match. Intramural athletics have also been going well. Building on last year's indoor soccer team's trip to the finals, this year's outdoor team had only one loss heading into the post-season tournament. As always, Eta alumni are welcome to come by the house anytime.

Mike Egan, Eta 2005
Chapter Alpha

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Theta Chapter
Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, NY

This December, the Theta Chapter finished a strong calendar year. Through the hard work of several Brothers and alumni, our basement has been transformed into the place we envisioned nearly a year ago. With its completion comes our first external party in over a year and we expect it to be a huge success.

In academics we earned the third highest GPA of all fraternities at RPI for the spring 2002 semester. The new member education process has been revamped to accomplish more and produce more knowledgeable initiates. The houses are now close to capacity. Our ice hockey team is at its best ever, with notable scores of 11-1 and 7-0 so far. The Chapter's philanthropy has captured public attention with an article in the Polytechnic about our donation of recyclables to support education for a needy child.

It's wonderful to see Theta in such great shape as we celebrate our 125th Anniversary in 2003. We encourage all Chi Phis to attend our anniversary events April 25-27, 2003. For more information, please call 516-896-1824 or email For questions about the TAA, please direct your email to

Robert F. Babyok, Theta 2004
Chapter Zeta

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Iota Chapter
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH

Big things have been happening at the Iota Chapter. Much-needed renovations to our Chapter House, "Beech Manor," took place this past fall after the collapse of our dining room ceiling last spring. With leadership from our alumni, repairs were made to almost every section of the house. And thanks to our Chapter advisor, we recently passed our yearly building inspection with flying colors. Beech Manor is in its best condition in years. All of us in the active Chapter of Iota thank our generous alumni for their outstanding help this past quarter.

It's been great to see so many alumni come back to the house. With our highly successful alumni tailgate party on homecoming weekend, we reestablished contact with many of our alumni. And this winter's alumni poker night will hopefully draw even more to the Chapter.

Although we lost three seniors to graduation last spring, four new Brothers were welcomed the same quarter. This breath of new life has drastically improved our rush efforts. As a result, we gained three new members for autumn quarter and several signed bids for winter quarter. We look forward to formal recruitment this winter with great enthusiasm. The Iota Chapter is quickly becoming one of the great fraternities on campus.
AJ Shina, Iota 2006
Chapter Zeta

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Kappa Chapter
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

The Kappa Chapter held a 5/10K walk on October 5 to raise money for diabetes research in honor of the memory of Jon Bilda, one of the Kappa Chapter's senior actives. Jon died tragically this past April of undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes. The run/walk, which was held in cooperation with the American Diabetes Association, had a goal of $43,000. Over $70,000 was raised for the cause, which doubled the ADA's total from the year before. This outstanding success was due to the overwhelming turnout of over 400 runners/walkers, which included nearly the entire Kappa Chapter.

The fall semester has seen the Kappa Chapter fill their house (which is undergoing some minor renovations, including a new laundry room and possibly a newly remodeled kitchen) and add six new members to their Brotherhood.

Jason Klug, Kappa 2005
Chapter Gamma

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Lambda Chapter
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA

The fall 2002 semester for the Lambda Chapter was a relatively quiet, yet significant, time.  We are proud to report that just before Thanksgiving we initiated seven amazing pledges, making our Chapter membership the strongest since the 1950s.  We look forward to another solid pledge class in the spring, which will help keep our membership strong after our seniors--a large percentage of our membership--graduate in the spring.  Lambda can also boast about its recent involvement in the Breast Cancer Walk, where the Chapter raised money that will go to research breast cancer cures.

Many Lambda members are highly involved in campus this semester.  Brother Kris Primm, a school senator, orchestrated "Relay for Life" on campus to raise money for cancer victims and research.  Brother Elliot Cohen is the chief organizer of campus concerts.  Brother David Su has been organizing weekly tutoring sessions with kids at a local school.  Brother Engelstein is the first health worker in the Chapter's history, providing health services and information to the Chapter.  And Brothers Marc Wilson and Tom Swoboda are two of the star players on Cal's greatly improved football team.
Jason Engelstein, Lambda 2005
Chapter Gamma

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Mu Chapter
Stevens Institute of Technology
Hoboken, NJ

Mu Chapter has had a great academic year. We are currently ranked among the top in both Chapter GPA and sports. New underage drinking rules on campus have hurt Greeks on the whole--with a couple of houses placed on social probation--but the Mu Chapter is still running strong. The Brothers stay active with the Adopt-A-Highway program, often cleaning a 10-mile stretch of road. With this activity, Brothers have a good time while helping a good cause.
The installation of sprinkler system is tentatively scheduled for next summer to comply with New Jersey laws, along with major reconstruction of the bedrooms. Finally, over the past summer, the annual Mu Chapter canoe trip celebrated its 20th anniversary, which drew over 80 Brothers, past and present. Everyone had a great time, and we look forward to many more alumni-brother outings in the future.

Lou Della Serra, Mu 2004
Chapter Alpha
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Nu Chapter
University of Texas
Austin, TX

The Nu Chapter hosted its annual parent/ alumni weekend banquet on October 26, which was well attended by parents and a record number of alumni. Thirty-seven alumni were initiated into the "Order of 1892," our newly formed alumni association, in the Founder's Day celebration. Steve Hopkins, Nu 1999, president of the association, presented the award for "outstanding alumni contribution" jointly to Brother Bill Byrd, Nu 1953, and Brother Jim Graves, Nu 1948, for their lifelong commitment to the welfare of the Nu Chapter and Chi Phi in general. In the future, this special recognition will be called "The Byrd/Graves Award" in honor of these two invaluable alumni.

The Nu Chapter recently participated in the Alpha Phi Sorority's "Hits for Hearts" softball tournament, benefiting the American Heart Association. Of twelve teams entered, the Nu Chapter Brothers made it to the semi-finals, defeated only by the University of Texas' "baseball spirit" organization. Also this semester we look forward to initiating three new members from our Fall 2002 pledge class and celebrating our end-of-semester banquet.

Brian Siy, Nu 2003
Chapter Alpha

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Xi Chapter
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

It is said that the true character of a man is shown not in times of prosperity, but rather in times of hardship. That statement is no less true for organizations than it is for an individual. In recent months and years, the Greek system at Cornell has met with some challenges. But, due to the dedication of our Brothers, Chi Phi has continued to lead by example and thrive on campus.

Brothers of the Xi Chapter have excelled on the athletic field and in the classroom. Currently, we hold within our Brotherhood members of the varsity wrestling team, sprint football team, golf team, and rugby team, not to mention the rest of the Brothers who participate in club sports or intramural competition. In addition to athletic excellence, our well-rounded Brothers collectively maintain one of the highest fraternity GPAs on campus and donate over $1,000 to charity every year.

So, if times of hardship are truly the test of an organization's character, the Brothers at Xi are passing with flying colors. The bonds of Brotherhood remain strong within Craigielea, and the Brotherhood will forever remain dedicated to and protective of the values on which our fraternity was founded.

Sean Conroy, Xi 2003
Chapter Alpha

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Pi Chapter
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL

Fall quarter has gone very well for the Pi Chapter. Many Brothers have a high profile on campus, such as the IFC President, the editor-in-chief of the campus daily newspaper, a member of student government, the captain of the men's fencing team, and a member of the executive board of the nation's largest college philanthropy, Dance Marathon.

The Pi Chapter has also been active in community service this past quarter. Brothers participated in a community beach clean-up project and a Habitat for Humanity site project, and individual Brothers have also contributed their own hours in a variety of service activities. The Chapter is currently working to maintain its high aggregate GPA and strong feeling of Brotherhood, which have become hallmarks of the Pi Chapter.

Lucas Austin, 2004
Chapter Delta

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Rho Chapter
Lafayette College
Easton, PA

Greetings from Vallamont! The Brotherhood of Rho picked up where we left off at the end of last semester with high levels of intensity and house pride. With the graduation of twelve Brothers and the addition of five new ones, the Chapter total is a strong 32. Last year we led all Greeks and campus organizations in total philanthropic hours and money raised by a significant amount. In continuing that trend, the 2nd Annual Dan Boone Memorial 5K (benefiting the American Cancer Society) raised $9000 for the ACS. The Brotherhood also participated in the annual "Halloween on the Hill" and sponsored yet another successful haunted house for the children of Easton.

Rho Chapter leaders on campus include the Lafayette College IFC vice-president, two summer orientation leaders, an associative representative to the student council, president of the wrestling club, founder/president of the Lafayette College Political Action Committee, as well as several members of the Lafayette College Leadership Education program.

We made the finals of the intramural softball season last semester and captured 1st place in intramural bocce. The house GPA has increased to 3.18 from 2.90, which puts us over the all-Greek average of 3.10. In addition, four Brothers are involved in the school's Marquis Scholars program as well as several who are in the honor societies for their respective majors.

This summer, several Brothers redid the ceiling in one of our basement rooms to save the alumni association roughly $2000, on top of replacing all of the first floor curtains. We are also making plans to hold a Phone-a-Thon to raise the projected $200,000 cost of bringing our beautiful and historic building up to fire code with the installation of a sprinkler system.

In general, the attitude and spirit in the house is great. All of the Brothers at the house feel a great sense of pride and love for Chi Phi as well as the rest of the Greek system and look to improve on the positive aspects of each.

John Zembron, Rho 2004
Chapter Gamma

Chi Phi (Rho Chapter) Raises over $9,000 for American Cancer Society
Fraternity held annual Dan Boone Memorial 5K Saturday.

EASTON, Pa.(, October 28, 2002 -- Despite rainy weather, Chi Phi Fraternity raised over $9,000 for the American Cancer Society Saturday through its annual Dan Boone Memorial 5K race. The donations raised thus far exceed last year's total by $1,000.
"I hope to be able to increase this amount over the next couple of weeks," says economics and business major Steven Chapman, a senior from Wayne, N.J., who organized the fundraiser. "I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this worthy cause. Next year's 5K will hopefully be even more successful."
The large turnout of runners included the family and friends of Dan Boone, a member of Lafayette's Class of 1995, who passed away two years ago after a battle with cancer. The Phi Gamma Delta fraternity and Pi Beta Phi and Kappa Kappa Gamma sororities contributed a significant amount of runners and donations.
The fraternity hosted a barbeque for the runners after the race.

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Tau Chapter
University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL

After increasing its size with a fall class of seven new Brothers, the Tau Chapter is one step closer to regaining its glory. Our progress would not have been possible without the generous guidance and contributions of numerous alumni. With an enthusiastic Chapter of eleven outstanding men, our goal is to recruit at least nine more who exhibit the values and characteristics of Tau and of Chi Phi by the end of the school year.

Last semester our goal was to increase our membership. This semester we aim to continue growth while improving our operations. When we reach a membership of twenty men, our house, "Tamerlane," will be able to open its kitchen and once again become a full-functioning residence. Our increased size will also give us the ability to participate more fully in campus intramurals and Greek Week, build new relationships with sororities, and adopt a Chapter philanthropy.

After reconnecting with alumni by hosting barbeques at both our homecoming and University of Georgia football weekends, we've seen a reemergence of alumni participation. We thank all who've come out to support us and extend a warm invitation to all Chi Phis to get in touch with us.

Zell Railey, Tau 2005
Chapter Gamma

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Upsilon Chapter
Hobart College
Geneva, New York

At Upsilon, we have been counteracting the stereotypes associated with fraternities by focusing on community service activities throughout Geneva and successfully throwing multiple substance-free parties, the most recent being an " '80s Night" and a Halloween costume party. Both events attracted several hundred people and received favorable reviews by the campus newspaper. PHOTO #2: '80s Night Captures the Way They Were"

Chi Phi at Hobart College is stronger now than it has been in several years. Fall rush was extremely successful with the recruitment of nine new members...soon to be initiated! We have repainted almost 60% of our Chapter House, and future plans include landscaping the backyard. Our goal for the rest of the academic year is to continue to build our relationship with our alumni. We have been encouraged by their support and seek to reestablish an open dialogue between the house and our older members. All in all, I have never felt better about being a Chi Phi and look forward to seeing the results that come from the direction that the Upsilon Chapter has taken.

Jeff Talbot, Upsilon 2004
Chapter Zeta

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Psi Chapter
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA

The Psi Chapter is going strong! As our rush program comes to a close, we can report that our numbers for next year will be the best in recent years. Though the house was already adequately filled, there were just so many quality guys that we gave some twenty-two bids for acceptance in the spring. With several other houses at Lehigh in trouble with low occupancy and low rush numbers this year, we are worried about being able to fit all the guys in our house! Our fantastic rush program definitely contributed to our success with such events as a Sixer's game, a date party, wing nights and Monday night football, and who could forget the haunted hayride?

Academically we had another strong semester, placing fifth on the hill in grades, substantially above the all men's average. We also have a new live-in advisor, a graduate student and past president of the Phi Kappa Theta Chapter here at Lehigh. He has some big shoes to fill after we lost Dr. James Jackson over a year ago, but he has been doing well so far.

And lastly, our social program has been right on par with the rest of the positive house news. Some weekends we had to fend off sororities that wanted to host events with us just because we were already spoken for. Hopefully this will continue to be a problem in the future.

That's all for now. Hope to see many of you at the Briarfield meeting this spring, or any time for that matter. Just stop on by and we would be glad to show you around. We hope everyone stays happy and healthy. And have a great year!

Riker Blank, Psi 2003
Chapter Alpha

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Alpha-Alpha Chapter
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC

The Alpha-Alpha Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity entered its 144th year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with enthusiasm. With a successful fall recruitment campaign, the forty-two Brothers of the Southern Order strengthened our brethren with ten new members, eight of whom hail from North Carolina. Spring rush chairs J. Taylor Rankin, John Nowlin McClain III, and Zach F. Marshall Jett are working diligently to ensure an equally strong spring pledge class.

In addition to our campus leadership on the Greek Judicial Board, Student Congress, the Inter-Fraternity Council, and the prestigious Honor Court, our house GPA helps us remain among the top fraternities in Chapel Hill. Furthermore, the Alpha-Alpha Chapter has continually outrivaled intramural competition, winning a championship in soccer, and finishing high in tennis, lacrosse, and golf. The Brothers also won the annual three-on-three charity basketball tournament benefiting Habitat for Humanity.

Our 78-year-old Chapter House underwent $30,000 in bathroom renovations, with another $30,000 being spent over the Christmas holidays to enhance the Bobby and Mildred Merritt Formal Living Room, the James M. Alexander Lounge, and the Robert R. Mauldin Foyer. In addition to the construction, the living room and lounge have been extensively redecorated and refurnished with the help of architectural designer Lindsey Daniel.Our alumni foundation, the Southern Order Memorial Fund, donated $50,000 towards house renovations. We also received considerable individual contributions, and we truly appreciate the interest of all our Alpha-Alpha alumni. Our homecoming celebration in October was a success thanks to the over 150 alumni in attendance.

On December 7, the Southern Order welcomed the East Carolina University Colony's Brothers to the Chapter House and assisted with the initiation ritual of five new Brothers. Through continued efforts on behalf of the active Brothers and involvement of alumni, we hope to maintain our prominence on campus in the coming year.

Martin Todd, Alpha-Alpha 2003
Chapter Alpha

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Alpha-Sigma Chapter
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ

In our last update, we indicated that the Alpha-Sigma Chapter was entering a critical rush period. We had graduated a large class and only received pledges from five new members the year before. However, the Brothers really banded together to make "Rush 2k2" a huge success. We obtained pledges from fourteen outstanding young men, all of whom have enthusiastically embraced the new member education process. It looks like Alpha-Sigma will be on firm ground for the immediate future.

Special thanks go to all the alumni who have gotten in touch with us since the last issue of the Chakett. They've offered encouragement and resources to help make this a good year for us and we appreciate it. Any other Alpha-Sigmas floating around who want to get back in touch should email me We would all love to hear from you.

Moses Kagan, Alpha-Sigma 2002
Chapter Alpha
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Alpha-Tau Chapter
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

After doubling our membership in the past three years, the Alpha-Tau Chapter has taken a significant step in making a positive impact on the Ann Arbor campus. The Brothers are looking forward to initiating our current pledge class of eleven quality men, and the house is almost to capacity with thirty-one resident Brothers. Due to increased numbers and involvement, we resolved our financial problems almost entirely with guidance from House Association Treasurer Bob Klaffke, Alpha-Tau 1978.

The Chapter has identified two goals for the next several years. One is to increase our involvement with other campus organizations and the community, and we are well on are way with Brothers David Chang and David Slott elected to positions on the IFC executive board and Brother Jordan Levine appointed as the Inter-Fraternity Council representative in the Michigan Student Assembly. Other Alpha-Tau Brothers are also very involved in various charitable causes. The second goal will be the renovation of the house, which is in dire need of physical repair due to many years of wear and tear.

Athletically, the Brothers participated in many intramural sports on campus such as football, 3-on-3 basketball, soccer and roller hockey. They made the playoffs in each sport and reached the finals in basketball. We are excited to begin a new term with another excellent new member class, in hopes of strengthening our bonds--not only within the Greek community, but also the campus as a whole.

Michael Carpenter, Alpha-Tau 2005
Chapter Alpha

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Alpha-Chi Chapter
Ohio Wesleyan University
Delaware, OH

We had a very busy and successful semester here at Alpha-Chi's home, "The Oaks." We set "Recruitment, Brotherhood, and Inter-Greek activities" as our top priorities this year and give special thanks to Brother Chad Garland, Alpha-Chi 1994, who helped us define these goals. We can report success in each of these areas: Our social events this semester surpassed the goals we set for them. Attendance at our two main theme parties, the "Blacklight" and "Foam" parties, was up nearly fifty percent from the previous two years and was far more diverse.

The Chapter put tremendous effort into making our main philanthropy event, the Haunted House, one of the best in recent history, with over $1200 (after expenses) going to our charity of Meals on Wheels. As always, our Brotherhood remained busy in other community service events, such as mentoring through "Big-Pal/Little-Pal," volunteering at a children's community center, helping an elderly woman with flood damage, valet parking at the local Arts Castle, and posting signs for the area "Cropwalk." This event helped to support needy families in the local community, as well as internationally.

Recruitment and Brotherhood have never been stronger. This fall, we initiated six new Brothers--all sophomores--into our Chapter and congratulate these wonderful men: Nick Ayers, Jason McElroy, Colin Penney, John Schaefer, Terry Schulz, and Dae Won Yang. We have full confidence in their ability to develop personally and further strengthen our Brotherhood.

Kevin Kula, Alpha-Chi 2004
Chapter Alpha

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Alpha Delta Chapter
Pennsylvania State University
State College, PA

This year marks the second year of our return to helping kids with cancer by participating in Penn State's Dance Marathon. THON is the largest student-run philanthropy in the country, and we are proud to be a part of it. We are on pace to raise more money this year than we did last. Over the last two years, we have steadily increased our overall Brotherhood GPA. This past spring semester we ranked fifth of fifty-one fraternities. During this time, we have also excelled in intramural sports, regularly making the playoffs for softball, football, and track & field.

Finally, we would like to invite all alumni to come to the house for Blue/White weekend this spring. We are hosting a barbeque on Saturday following the game, as well as other events. Dates and details will be forthcoming. We look forward to seeing all the alums back at the kingdom.

David Roberts, Alpha Delta 2003
Chapter Alpha

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Epsilon Delta Chapter
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR

Fall term was an exciting one for the Epsilon Delta Chapter. Our workweek included the laying of new carpet, repainting of the walls, and the installation of a fire security system. We also initiated four new Brothers. Despite a modest campus-wide formal rush, Chi Phi pledged nine new members. With an extremely motivated Brotherhood, the entire Chapter worked hard to create an efficient informal rush. We now have fifteen total new pledges with more on the way.

Our Brotherhood is closer than ever before, and every member is involved and motivated to make Chi Phi the best house on campus. Last year our Chapter participated in all campus philanthropies, and this fall we placed third overall in the Delta Gamma's "Anchor Splash," winning three of the week's five events. Plans are currently in the works for a big philanthropy this spring.

The men of Epsilon Delta had a very busy social schedule last fall in order to promote Chi Phi on campus and get our name out to rushees. Events have included movies and hot chocolate with the Alpha Phis, pumpkin carving with the Pi Beta Phis and two very successful mixers, one in partnership with Delta Upsilon and Sigma Phi Epsilon and the other with the Beta Theta Pi, Pi Kappa Phi, and Acacia fraternities.
Our Chapter is truly on the move and looking forward to one of its most successful and productive years.

Any alumnus interested in getting in touch with the house can contact Paul White at (503) 730-0683 or email him at

Adam Richter, Epsilon Delta 2005
Chapter Delta

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Zeta Delta Chapter
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT

This semester has been outstanding for the Zeta Delta Chapter at UCONN. The fun began at our annual summer recruitment retreat where we prepared for a great rush in the fall. As a result, we just initiated 17 new Brothers after one of the biggest rushes in recent history. We are currently 44 Brothers strong and looking forward to moving into the university's new Greek Village, set to open this fall.

Homecoming was a blast this year. We teamed with the Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority and had a truly memorable experience, placing first in the banner contest and third in the lip sync. Lastly, we have been working diligently on a brand new fall philanthropy, which the Brothers are very excited about. We will produce a "Chi Phi Guy" calendar, which will feature professional photographs of groups and individuals in the Chapter. At the end of the semester, we will hold a "crush party" to unveil the calendar and kick off sales. Nothing like this has ever been done on our campus. I think this is the main reason the Zeta Deltas are always on top at UCONN. We are always trying to think of new, fresh ideas that will revolutionize the campus/community.

If you are interested in hearing more about what your UCONN Chapter is up to, please email me at or the alumni corporation president, Jason Mafera, at, or don't be afraid to call the Chapter House at 860-429-2620.

Craig Massey, Zeta Delta 2003
Chapter Alpha

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Iota Delta Chapter
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN

It is an exciting time for the Iota Delta Chapter. Our campus involvement at IU is as strong as usual. Chi Phi currently sits ninth in the Erickson Trophy Standings, awarded to the organization which exhibits both strong participation and strong performances in Student Foundation events (IU Sing, Little 500, etc.). The Iota Delta Chapter won the coveted trophy two years ago and we hope to bring it home again this year.

Our philanthropic activities include the Zeta Tau Alpha "Big Man On Campus" philanthropy/talent show, the "Run for the End Zone" (benefiting a local battered women's shelter), the Alpha Xi Delta Greek Cup (benefiting a center for troubled youth) and the Alpha Chi Omega Volleyball Classic. We also manned a 5k walk that benefited breast cancer research.

We are currently sitting 5th in intramural competition and also doing well in the classroom, finishing 9/29 fraternities last spring. Possibly the most exciting news at Iota Delta right now is our Chapter House. With the help (and dollars) of many dedicated alumni, the Chapter House underwent extensive renovations this summer. Ceiling tiles, floor tiles and doors were replaced. The bathrooms were improved and the size of the parking lot was increased. This is first phase of a two-phase process. The alumni of the Iota Delta Chapter are currently hard at work to make the dream of building the much-needed addition to our nearly 40 year old structure a reality.

A thank-you goes out to all of the alumni that were able to make it to Homecoming 2002. For those who couldn't make the trip, we definitely hope to see you at the Little 500 race weekend in the spring!

Christopher Weatherspoon, Iota Delta 2003
Philanthropy Chairman

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Rho Iota Kappa Chapter
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI

This has been a monumental year for the Rho Iota Kappa Chapter. Although little has been heard from us in the recent past, we are trying to create a strong bond with the national Fraternity. Thanks to the visit of [assistant director of undergraduate services] Brother Richard Kuerston, we have become more organized financially and fraternally. We encourage all Chapters to e-mail him if you are need of some assistance; he has been the guiding light for us to move ahead as an even stronger Chapter at the University of Rhode Island.

In philanthropic activities, we held our annual Pole-Sit with Alpha Chi Omega Sorority and raised over a thousand dollars for the Weldon FOP fund. We have continued our involvement with Rhode Island Blood Bank and helped a local write-in nominee running for state representative.

Rush began great this year and we expect to finish with thirteen new members. Brother Jim Edgerton is still a resident advisor, and we are proud to announce that we have acquired an excellent housefather and chef, Andrew J. Vielli, who has already impressed us with a new lunch menu and exotic dinner choices.

The next topic on the agenda is the possibility of moving to a brand new house that will be built exclusively for our Chapter on Fraternity Circle. Another important project is a user-friendly website. Till that is up and running, all interested alumni should contact us via e-mail ( The Rho Iota Kappa Chapter is making huge, positive changes, and we can't make these changes without help and feedback from current alumni.

Aldo Cabrera, Rho Iota Kappa 2004
Chapter Zeta

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Delta Xi Chapter
West Virginia Wesleyan University
Buckhannon, WV

The men of the Delta Xi Chapter are proud to announce that--for the first time in at least four years--our house is at its maximum living capacity. This has allowed us, with generous help from our alumni, to replace our roof and windows, as well as many other much-needed renovations. The end result is a productive and fun living environment. We are also proud of our three new members this semester who we feel are truly Chi Phi men. They have each brought unique characteristics and exceptional GPAs to our Brotherhood.

The President's Cup at West Virginia Wesleyan College is awarded to the most productive fraternity on campus at the end of each school year. We are now in the front running for this award and have achieved nearly half of the points required to win it. Some projects that have helped us have been our work in cleaning up the Buckhannon River, our participation and success in a canned food drive for the local Parish House, and our fundraising for a local service organization.
Joshua S. Nease, Alpha,
Delta Xi 2003

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Kappa Delta Chapter
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY

Following the purchase of our house at 1035 Genesee Street, our alumni have been generous enough to help in the overall improvement of the facility. We're happy to have new toilets, patched walls, new windows, and even a trip from the Roto-Rooter man. We've taken care to groom the front and back lawns and have been making numerous other improvements as well.

The Chapter's goals for spring semester are fairly large. Because we are off campus and have had a decline in numbers, our reputation and presence have suffered. To offset this, we are therefore spearheading the first annual "Greek Talent Show." We also hope to purchase a new scaffold to recommence our famous pole-sits for "Jerry's Kids."

We've also begun to recruit year-round. Our Brotherhood has never been more focused and stalwart. We constantly challenge ourselves and work hard in every aspect of what we do. We are optimistic and purposeful in the way we interact as members of a group. We have all become highly motivated people. We're dedicated to the cause of the Fraternity and to the advancement of our college campus as a whole.


Robert Matos, Kappa Delta 2004
Chapter Zeta

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Lambda Delta Chapter
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ

Lambda Delta started the year off right. Through our refined process of recruitment, we welcomed twelve new members to our ranks. Already, we have participated in the all-Greek CatWalk and presented a haunted house for the university community and underprivileged children.

Socially, the house has been a-rockin'. We had a wonderful Hawaiian theme "date dash," which was made complete by our newly installed flagstone patio. Weeks ago, we went out to Cocoraque, as always, for the Westerner 2002. It was a fantastic time. Just ask Brother Brant, who was among the alums who participated. Just don't ask the rattlesnake. From the Order of Omega Halloween carnival with Sigma Kappa to the Chi Omega Flag Football tournament to Homecoming with Delta Delta Delta, we have been improving relations throughout the campus community.

Homecoming was a blast. We hosted a tent on the mall, as well as another alumni golf tournament. Finally, Lambda Delta would like to welcome our Psi class initiates into the Fraternity: Dave O'Malley, Mike Garcia, Ken Chesney, Dan Glad, Jeremy Smith, and Justin Zipser. We would also like to welcome our first post-graduate initiate locally: Sam Wiley, who is attending the U of A Law School. Congratulations, gentlemen!

James Stroup, Lambda Delta 2003
Chapter Zeta

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Mu Delta Chapter
Auburn University
Auburn, AL

The Mu Delta Chapter is pleased to announce a new member class of twenty-nine well-rounded men. Over this past semester we have also enjoyed getting involved with our community by volunteering at local schools for underprivileged kids and at the local humane society. Recently, we have supported our philanthropy, Habitat for Humanity, with a fund raising project with a local barbecue restaurant and building new homes for underprivileged families. In addition, our Chapter is organizing a charity walk to raise money for the cancer treatment of one of our rush hostesses.

Our Chapter has also been very involved socially. The homecoming social we co-hosted with Kappa Alpha Phi was a great success that helped promote diversity around campus. We enjoyed the company of many parents and alumni at our annual Homecoming brunch and look forward to many more of these. Athletically, our Chapter has participated in such intramural sports as flag football, soccer, track and field, badminton, and volleyball.

As we continue to grow, our thanks go out to all alumni who have helped us in years past. We invite any and all alumni who want to get involved to go to and submit your information in our alumni link so we can keep you posted on upcoming events.

Joseph Gagliano, Mu Delta 2005
Chapter Zeta

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Nu Delta Chapter
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL

This football season gave us opportunities to interact with fellow Chi Phis, including the Delta Zeta, Omega, and Eta Chapters. We were excited to have a chance to hang out with them. Homecoming this year was a great success. We were paired with Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. Our float looked great and we also had our annual Alumni vs. Brother football game. On November 23, Ron Frank, our Grand Alpha, and Rob Parker, our Grand Zeta, came to the house and talked with our Chapter. It was a very enlightening experience and the Chapter is appreciative of the interest from alumni.

Intramurals this semester have been stellar. We compete in the top division of fraternities. We had a thrilling flag football season with some close wins and some close losses. We are about to enter playoffs in 3-on-3 basketball, and our bowling team is in the playoffs as well. Our Chapter has been present at every Greek philanthropy this semester, and every Friday four of our Brothers serve at a local soup kitchen for the homeless. Our house improves every semester. This semester we added a putting green to the side of the house. Now that our Brothers have a place to practice their game, our IM golf team should improve exponentially.

Overall, it has been a fun, serious, and successful semester for us, and we plan to keep our momentum rolling into the spring.

Will Monroe, Nu Delta 2005
Chapter Alpha
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Xi Delta Chapter
Florida Institute of Technology
Melbourne, FL

With 18 people living in the Chapter House, and two more slated to move in next semester, the Xi Delta house is the fullest in years. Additionally, many parts of the house are being renovated. Brother George Haywood has embarked on a project to completely rewire the electrical and cable system of the house, and Brother Rich Kinkade installed a new main bathroom. Finally, our upstairs is in the process of being completely revamped: the pool table is being refelted; the ping-pong table sanded and fixed; and a brand new coffee table is being built, along with a number of other cosmetic improvements. On a sad note, our mascot, Esquire Smoke, passed away in mid-September, at the ripe old age of somewhere around 12.

Xi Delta mascot passes away

Smoke, as most knew him, was acquired by the Brothers in 1989 when he was still a puppy. Smoke supported us at all of our events for fourteen years. In return we gave him the best place to live and more attention than any dog ever could need. We always supplemented his diet with our own food even when the vet told us not to. We only hope that he has gone to find his reward in a place where steak is infinite and ducks roam free! Smoke, we will always miss you.

Milan Ramaiya, Xi Delta 2003
Chapter Gamma

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Rho Delta Chapter
Oglethorpe University
Atlanta, GA

The past year at Rho Delta has been a pretty exciting one. Retaining the title of Best GPA among all Greek organizations on campus, Rho Delta has excelled in many other areas as well. We plan to initiate eight new members, tops among the other fraternities on campus this year. Next spring semester, Rho Delta will have twenty-six active Brothers, a strong number for the small liberal arts university. This year's pledge class has been a very positive addition to the Chapter under the leadership of new membership educator Barrett Layman.

The Halloween Party is always a big hit of the fall semester, traditionally the best party of the year at the university. Rho Delta this past fall has been a very popular place for students and alumni to hang out and have a good time. In the spring Rho Delta plans to hold several alumni-specific events, as well as the annual softball game when alumni present two $1,000 scholarships, one to a brother and one to a new member. We hope this will become an annual tradition for Rho Delta.

Chris Vaughn, Rho Delta 2005
Chapter Gamma

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Sigma Delta Chapter
University of California, Davis
Davis, California

Over the past several months Sigma Delta has done an excellent job of recognizing what we have needed to put our time and effort into. Our main focus is fundraising in order to address the immediate problems facing our house this year: roof, floors, and fence. We have raised close to $7000 from the generosity of some outstanding alumni and various Chapter activities. We still need $15,000.

In philanthropy, we have helped raise more than $10,000 for the Yolo County Library and collected close to 1000 pounds of food through our Davis food drive to benefit Loaves and Fishes in Sacramento. Additionally, almost twenty-five guys spent four hours each at the St. John's Shelter in Sacramento. We have continued our strong presence on campus with nearly 80% of our house involved with other organizations and clubs, ranging from IFC Office to ASUCD Senate to UC Davis ROTC to the Bio-Sci Club. Our most recent new member, Brother Matt "Baby Huey" Lauer, has been an excellent addition to our house, and we look forward to seeing him progress toward house leadership.

We will be hosting a Regional Leadership Conference this year and are looking forward to seeing many of the members from the other west coast Chapters, as well as the national staff. We would also like to thank Larry Green and the many other Brothers of Sigma Delta who have contributed time and effort to help raise money for our house. We could not survive without the help of such wonderful alumni and we are truly indebted to them.

Adam Little, Sigma Delta 2003
Chapter Alpha

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Psi Delta Chapter
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Charlotte, NC

The Psi Delta Chapter at UNC is proud to report that we inducted fourteen outstanding new members. Throughout the semester we have completed several community service projects with Charlotte Emergency Housing, an organization offering shelter to homeless and at-risk children, including volunteering and hosting a concert, "Rocktoberfest," to raise funds. Five bands played all day long for a great cause.

Another great accomplishment from this semester was our ranking in the university intramurals. Psi Delta came in third place against some tough competition. Overall, Psi Delta is growing and becoming closer as a Fraternity. We have had a great time together this past year and have been involved in numerous social events and have been able to give back to the community as well.

Jon Barnhardt, Psi Delta 2003
Chapter Zeta

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Alpha Zeta Chapter
State University of West Georgia
Carrollton, GA

Alpha Zeta continues to be the best fraternity at the University of West Georgia. We had a great rush with the largest pledge class on campus of twenty-four new members and the highest grades on campus for the past three semesters. We are also proud of our involvement across campus. With the outgoing IFC President being a Chi Phi it only seemed right for the position to be filled by another Chi Phi, Greg Benda. Also serving on IFC is Dusty Hightower as vice president of recruitment. Additionally, Chi Phi is well represented on Student Government and the Student Activities Council (SAC). In philanthropy, we held our annual canned food drive party to benefit the Carroll County Soup Kitchen. A highlight of our social calendar was the December cruise to the Bahamas.

Alpha Zeta has been very fortunate to have the help of alumni throughout this past year. Alumni helped put vinyl siding on the house, refinish the hardwood floors, purchase a new pool table, and gave new furniture to the house. We would also like to invite all alumni back for the 30th Annual Founders Day on April 11-13. This weekend will consist of banquets, awards, good times and most importantly our 30th year of existence at the University of West Georgia.

Bobby Weir, Alpha Zeta 2004
Chapter Beta

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Gamma Zeta Chapter
University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Wilmington, NC

The Gamma Zeta Chapter recently hosted a regional workshop for several local colonies and Chapters and was extremely pleased to have in attendance Grand Alpha Ron Frank and Dr. Jonathan Richmond, scholarship counselor on the Grand Council, as well as national staff members Michael Azarian and Matt Merkel.

Our Chapter currently has fifteen outstanding new members, and we are in the process of making dramatic improvement on the physical appearance of our Chapter House. During the summer, several Brothers worked to improve our laundry facilities and bathrooms. Our fall 2002 pledge classes also chipped into the remodeling of our house and cleaning the garage which will be a recreation area to house a pool table, video games, ping pong, etc. The most important renovation is the finishing of our Alpha's suite to provide our current alpha with a living area and personal bathroom. We are making great strides in renewing the Brotherhood and the ongoing fellowship of Chi Phi here at Gamma Zeta.

Adam Winstead, Gamma Zeta 2004
Chapter Eta

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Delta Zeta Chapter
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL

Delta Zeta had a great fall semester. The alumni association helped organize a fall rush and new member education program and we are pleased to welcome seven new members who are now Brothers. Our Chapter took part in the Homecoming Parade, making a good showing and getting some much needed exposure on campus. We took a few road trips and enjoyed the hospitality of the Nu Delta Brothers at Florida State.

Delta Zeta goes into the spring semester with ten motivated actives looking forward to rush. At Delta Zeta "Rush Never Ends." With some fundraisers and socials already planned for the spring, it should be an exciting time for us here at University of South Florida.

Craig Dickinson, Delta Zeta 1996
Chapter Advisor

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Phi Lambda Theta Chapter
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA

The Phi Lambda Theta Chapter recruited two new members this fall, both great additions to the Brotherhood. We have also been showing off our newly renovated social area. We hosted a non-alcoholic dance party with a DJ, as well as another social event featuring a campus band. We are looking forward to hosting winter formals at the Chapter House.

We had a record number of alumni return for homecoming weekend, as well as several members from the Rho Chapter. The weekend was quite a success. We hope to organize an alumni event in the spring and welcome alumni to visit the Chapter at any time.

John Purcell, Phi Lambda Theta 2003
Chapter Alpha

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Epsilon Zeta Chapter
Humboldt State University
Arcadia, CA

This semester was one of the best for the Epsilon Zeta Chapter. We returned from Congress in San Francisco with new ideas and improved sense of Brotherhood and have initiated three exceptional young men. The Epsilon Zeta Chapter has stressed the fact that this is the "year of the alumni" and is making a strong effort to regain our ties. Thanks to those who have responded and kept in touch with special thanks to EZ alumnus Art Fernandez for setting us up with a wonderful web page: Other alumni have donated rush shirts and funds, as well as opening an alumni account for future contributions. All EZ alumni are encouraged to provide current information via our web site. Alumni are the foundation of Epsilon Zeta as well as Chi Phi itself. Alumni weekend will be April 4-6 and should be huge!

Recently, our Chapter hosted a formal "salmon dinner," which was attended by local alumni, our Chapter advisor, the clubs' coordinator, and even the university president. We received nothing but praise and have made ourselves known in a good way to the university. Epsilon Zeta is now the model that other Greeks strive to be here at Humboldt State University. Our Chapter has also made its presence felt in the community. Philanthropies, such as working at the Boys and Girls club, a local soup kitchen, and raising money for Big Brothers/Big Sisters has helped others as well as ourselves.

Thank you to the Sigma Delta Chapter at U.C. Davis. It was an incredible Halloween weekend and really demonstrated that Brotherhood is alive and well. Feel free to visit us anytime!

Kevin Cliborn, Epsilon Zeta 2006
Chapter Beta

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Theta Zeta Chapter
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX

The Theta Zeta Chapter was proud to host each of the Texas Chapters and colonies and Chi Phi national staff for a recruitment seminar. We are also proud to report the anticipated initiation of four new members. The Aggie Chi Phis also had an alumni barbecue on the day of the Nebraska/Texas A&M game in College Station. The next official alumni event will be the Parent/Alumni Weekend of March 29, 2003. We invite any Chi Phi Brother and Texas A&M alumni to celebrate with us. On a final note, Brother Orion Jones married Kristen Elizabeth on August 31, 2002

Derek Dizon, Theta Zeta 2003
Chapter Gamma

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Kappa Zeta Chapter
Purdue University
East Lafayette, IN

The Kappa Zeta Chapter at Purdue has been making steady progress since moving into our new Chapter House three years ago. Growing from an active membership of seven Brothers to twenty-six Brothers and a new member class of nine, we have been able to tackle a number of major projects.  With the assistance of alumni, the house underwent a major renovation of the common areas.  The dining and party rooms on the first floor were totally gutted. A new ceiling, oak paneling and a new tile floor were installed. These improvements in the public areas added to the character of the house, while the addition of a permanent lodge has cemented the Kappa Zetas' presence in the house. 

This fall semester, we celebrated the most successful "Pumpkin Philanthropy" in our thirteen-year history.  Together with the A O Pi sorority, Kappa Zeta Brothers spent three evenings at the local zoo's Halloween party, carving jack-o-lanterns for area kids

For the spring semester the Kappa Zeta Brothers are looking forward to fielding two teams in the Purdue Grand Prix, after their successful fifth place finish last year in their first race.  The Purdue Grand Prix is a university-sponsored go-kart race, which benefits a scholarship fund.  The Brothers' goal for this year is to have both teams finish in the top ten.
Matt DeLazzer, Kappa Zeta 2003
Chapter Alpha

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Lambda Zeta Chapter
St. Mary's University
San Antonio, TX

Most recently, the Lambda Zeta Chapter initiated five new members who have great promise as future leaders within the Chapter and on campus. During this semester, we kept the friendly rivalry alive between St. Mary's and the Chi Phi Colony at the University of the Incarnate Word with a volleyball tournament. We helped our philanthropic cause by collecting canned goods for the needy and went undefeated, bringing the championship trophy back to St. Mary's.

Chartered on April 9, 1988, Lambda Zeta plans a series of events in celebration of our 15th Anniversary, which will take place from Thursday, April 10--Sunday, April 13.  These include the 15th Anniversary Gala on Friday, April 11, at the Sheraton-Gunter Hotel in downtown San Antonio and a Homecoming Oyster Bake, a St. Mary's tradition, on Saturday, April 12.  A variety of other activities, such as a golf scramble and a day on the town are in the planning stages. It is our hope that the anniversary celebration will bring about a much-anticipated Lambda Zeta Alumni Association. It is through all of our combined efforts that our dreams will become reality.

Eric Navarrette, Lambda Zeta 2003
Chapter Alpha

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Mu Zeta Chapter
University of Denver
Denver, CO

As the product of our successful rush events and new member education, we are proud to welcome a quality class of eleven men into our Chapter. Consisting of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, they possess potential that will beautifully carry on the strong tradition of Chi Phi. In addition, our by-laws are currently being revised with the assistance of our alumni in order to help make Mu Zeta more effective than ever.

Our community service projects will again include feeding the homeless and raising money for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in addition to several new philanthropies. We also intend to continue our tradition of holding extremely successful social events at such popular sites as Sevilla's in downtown Denver.

The Mu Zeta Chapter continues to have a prominent presence within the University of Denver community. With Brothers involved in such diverse areas as music, theater, business, student leadership, hotel and restaurant management, rugby, intramural hockey and football, the DU programming board, and the sciences, Chi Phi is always represented with pride throughout campus. It remains a blessing and an honor to be a Chi Phi at the University of Denver.

Alexander Magalong, Mu Zeta 2004
Chapter Beta
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Pi Zeta Chapter
Binghamton University
Binghamton, NY

The Pi Zeta Chapter proudly celebrated our tenth year anniversary in 2002 and began fall semester with a successful rush which gave us have six new Brothers. Led by Michael Johnson at quarterback we had a strong showing in IFC football this season, making it to the playoff semifinals. Michael also competed in the annual Greek God contest (body/talent competition) where he placed second thanks to the support of numerous Brothers who helped with props. His performance was nothing less than stellar. Also, many Brothers attended a camping trip in Marathon, just north of Binghamton, set up by Derek Hartman. It was a great time to bond as Brothers. Lastly, since the loss of Brother Mike Horn in the tragedy of September 11, our Chapter has been working with its alumni to create a room in the Chapter House in remembrance our fallen friend.

Brian Gargan, Pi Zeta 2003
Chapter Zeta
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Psi Zeta Chapter
University of Texas at Dallas
Dallas, TX

Our Chapter celebrated its 10th year anniversary here at U.T. Dallas on December 4 and plans to host a banquet in 2003 to celebrate this occasion. All Chi Phis and alumni are welcome. If you would like to learn more, please email me at For more information on Psi Zeta, visit our new website at

Christopher Garcia, Psi Zeta 2004
Chapter Alpha

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Omega Zeta Chapter
University of North Florida
Jacksonville, FL

The Omega Zeta Chapter gained fourteen new members over the fall semester of 2002 and also won most improved GPA over the Greek fraternities and sororities on campus. In other news, we can announce that we have a newly-formed alumni association and are encouraging alumni to get involved. With the recent visit and help from the national office, Omega Zeta is hopeful that we will be stepping into a positive direction for the future.

Lee Spell, Omega Zeta 2004
Chapter Alpha

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Delta Pi Chapter
Georgia Southwestern State University
Americus, GA

Chi Phi started its fall semester with five great recruits: Nate Gamble, Blake Wisham, Lee Everett, Steven Smitherman and Lance Tabb. They have already become active in our committee system and philanthropic events and raised over $500.00 for the class gift. More than fifteen Brothers participated in our first-ever white water rafting extravaganza on the Ocoee River and camping.

We attended an Atlanta Braves game, organized a skeet shoot and fish fry, and joined with the Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity in planning a social. We held our "Winter Moose" in mid-December. Some of our upcoming events include our Third Annual Parent's Day and annual Beach Vacation, also philanthropic projects like Up Till Dawn and Relay for Life.

One awesome thing that Delta Pi is bragging about (to ourselves) is that we have managed to raise $10,000 for our housing allowance account after three years of hard work. With awesome efforts from actives and alumni we will hopefully be on the brink of building our house in no time.

Josh Curtin, Delta Pi 2002
Chapter Alpha
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Alpha Theta Chapter
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK

This fall we initiated six new quality members. Our spring rush is expected to be the largest ever. The main focus of the Alpha Theta Chapter is finding new lodgings, since the condition of our current residence has limited our rush potential. Fortunately, two gracious alumni from Purdue, Rich Lane and Tim Pitcher, have guaranteed us a new house before the sprinkler ordinance takes effect in the fall of 2004. The Chapter has investigated many properties and hopes to attain the old Kappa Delta Sorority house, which is a great location near campus and has excellent aesthetics. It is only with the help and support of alumni that we will ever see our dreams come true.

Our alumni association is just getting started with the guidance of Josef McGuigan, 2002. On November 22, 2002, Alpha Theta hosted its first alumni banquet, which helped the alumni get acquainted with the Brothers and our goals for the future. We are asking the alumni to help finance our rush program this spring and summer since we have great growth potential this year. Also we are asking for contributions to buy new furniture and appliances for the house. We hope many alumni will participate in a day of golf with the undergrads this spring.

David Porter, Alpha Theta 2002
Chapter Alpha

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Beta Theta Chapter
Chowan College
Murfreesboro, NC

The Brothers of the Beta Theta Chapter have accomplished many goals in the short fifteen weeks of the semester ranging from holding outstanding fundraisers to having a great time at Brotherhood events. Some of the Brothers and new members attended the Chi Phi Carolina Chapter and Colony retreat in early October and returned with many ideas on how to make the Chapter become more goal-oriented. Setting the standards for the Chapter has truly improved attendance, activities, and the Brotherhood overall.

After two full weeks of recruitment activities, we pinned thirteen new members in mid-October! These men were initiated on January 17, and a retreat in northern Virginia will follow. The Chapter was also able to make homecoming weekend one of the most memorable. We went out on a limb and held a fundraiser, selling over 150 BBQ plates while at the same time participating in the activities of the day. Taking first place with our float "Big Blue" and the mighty potato gun, we roared down the streets of Murfreesboro.

Elections were held at the end of last semester and we are changing our fiscal year to December to help the transition of officers. If anyone has any questions for us, please e-mail the Chapter at

Josh Seymore, Beta Theta 2003
Chapter Alpha

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Gamma Theta Chapter
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, PA

From the very beginning of the semester, it was clear that this was going to be a rebuilding year. Never before had our membership been so low, and we knew that some things needed to change. We developed a plan that would attack our main weaknesses--recruitment and fundraising--while strengthening our Brotherhood. Everyone, from the undergraduates to the alumni, would have to be committed for this plan to succeed.

I am proud to say that, while we are not out of the woods yet, we are well on our way. We had our most successful recruitment period in years, pinning six new members and nearly doubling our size. We had an amazing fundraising trip to Hershey Park, where we earned over seven hundred dollars for our new member class. We also hosted our first-ever pig roast during homecoming, with alumni from as far away as Michigan attending the event, as well as several Brothers from the Iota Chapter.

As part of the rebuilding process, we plan to become more active in the Greek community and show people what Chi Phi is capable of doing. Also, plans are underway for the first meeting of the Gamma Theta Alumni Association in early spring. Please contact either Doug Sell or Brent Suereth for more information.

Sam Kupchella, Gamma Theta '03
Chapter Alpha

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Schreiner Colony
Schreiner University
Kerrville, TX

Although we began the year with a sizable debt, our Brotherhood has come together and worked hard to overcome it. We have also organized several activities with Phi Delta Epsilon Sorority, such as car washes, a car bashing event, and a "Cinderfella" production. One of the goals that remain is raising money towards receiving our Charter.

Our intramural football team made it to the semi-finals for the first time ever and our basketball team has gotten off to a great start. Two of our Brothers are the top players on the tennis team. Over 75 percent of our Colony is on the Dean's List or President's List. Our treasurer, Brian Lake, is president of Schreiner's Honor Society. To contact us, please send your e-mail to or call Matt Smith at (830) 258-8318.

Matt Smith, Schreiner 2004
Colony Alpha

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Clemson Colony
Clemson University
Clemson, SC

The fall semester has been busy for Clemson Colony, as well as laying a lot of groundwork for future success. Several Brothers traveled to the University of Georgia on August 31, where the Eta Brothers invited us to tailgate at the Chapter House before the Clemson/UGA football game. We look forward to hosting them next year when Georgia visits Clemson.

On September 20, we hosted an alumni event at a local sports bar with the help of the Grand Alpha Ron Frank and the National Staff. We will be holding an alumni cookout at the beginning of the spring semester and all alumni are invited to attend. Through the efforts of local Chi Phi alumnus Tim Pitcher and Chapter advisor John Doolittle, our Colony recently established a Clemson Chi Phi Alumni Association. This group is currently looking into possibilities for finding a permanent home for our Colony, which we hope to have by fall.

Brother Rich Kuerston from the national office visited our Colony from October 30--November 1 and gave valuable insight and suggestions as we strive to obtain our charter. Our petition for charter is in its final stage and we hope to become a Chapter sometime this spring.

On November 15, we traveled to Atlanta to initiate our Beta Pledge Class at Emory. The addition of Josh Bosso, John Pyatt, Bryan Dinallo, Keith Godfrey, Aaron Ross, Kyle Pursley, Ricard Vrey, Robert Petree, Anish Amin, and Doug Gibson increased our Brotherhood to thirty-five men. Special thanks to Louis Graff and the rest of the Gamma Chapter for hosting us for this occasion.

Kirk Thomas, Clemson 2004
Colony Alpha

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ECU Colony
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC

The East Carolina University Colony had a very positive fall semester. In September, the IFC unanimously voted us back in. Congratulations to Brian Kennedy who was voted into the IFC executive council as Intramural Chair, the Colony's first member on the council. We also maintained our GPA level, which ranks second among the seventeen IFC fraternities.

Our biggest and most successful philanthropic event of the semester was "Fight For a Cure,"
a professional wrestling event in which we sold sponsorships and got the community involved to raise money for the Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society. We give special thanks to alumnus Scott Taggart for his law firm's sponsorship. Other philanthropic projects included the Boys and Girls Club Halloween haunted house, a food drive for the Greenville Habitat for Humanity, buying Christmas gifts for a needy child, and keeping our adopted street clean as a whistle!

Alumni relations chair Luke Reynolds set up an alumni/honorary member interest dinner that helped us gain seven new members as a support group for the Colony. These members include local business owners, ranking professors from the university, and other professionals who have dedicated their time to helping our Colony succeed. If there are any other alumni in the area who would like to become involved, please contact us at 252-757-8796.

We have a number of events on the calendar for this semester. We will be working with the Career Development Center on campus to sponsor a Career Workshop. We are also sponsoring a Chi Phi kickball tournament for Greeks and all other student organizations. Along with these and other events, we are persistently working on completing our petition and obtaining a charter.

Brandon Ives, ECU 2003
Colony Alpha

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UIW Colony
University of the Incarnate Word
San Antonio, TX

Things at the UIW Colony are going well. We're proud to say that--due to a brother's transfer to St. Cloud State University (Minnesota)--our group has its first official "alumnus." Our Colony initiated eight new members at the Theta Zeta Chapter in College Station, Texas, giving us twenty-one initiated Brothers, three new members, and one alumnus. We're also proud to announce that Brother Chris Boone, from the Lambda Zeta Chapter, has become our new Chapter advisor.

On campus, we helped host the first annual Greek-life volleyball tournament and competed in our university's Golden Harvest canned food drive. We placed third in the food drive and contributed to the accumulation of over three tons of food for various local charities and organizations. We're also pleased to report that we had our first mixer with Delta Sigma Delta Sorority.

As for our activity within Chi Phi, we're proud to report that we've formed a great bond with the Lambda Zeta Chapter at St. Mary's University. Sadly we lost our first annual softball game, 19-18.
Brothers interested in learning more about Chi Phi's youngest group should check out our website at

Kevin Barnes, UIW 2004
Colony Gamma

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