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The Chi Phi Fraternity is a values-based organization founded on the basis of Truth, Honor & Personal Integrity. These are timeless values which guide the fundamental purposes of the Fraternity.
National Alumni Association: Your Chi Phi experience has only begun when you graduate. Stay involved by joining the National Alumni Association.

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Chi Phi Clubs: Chi Phi Clubs are alumni groups in a specific geographic region, not tied to any specific Chapter. Find out if there is already a Chi Phi Club in your area…or find out how you can start one.

Chi Phi Meetups: Find a meetup of Chi Phi alumni in your area. Chi Phi in partnership with has created an easy way for Chi Phis to get together.

Personal Updates: Provide your most current contact information and submit personal news for the Chakett

Resources and Links: All the materials, forms, documents and other resources you need to run a successful chapter can be found here.

Events and Programs: Find out all the details on events such as the Chi Phi College of Excellence, Regional Leadership Alliances, Chi Phi Congress and others.

Chapter notes: Check out what the brothers at your chapter are up to.
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